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A Few Words About Us

  • We are one of the Opeartions since 1995, engaged in carrying out all the below mentioned services and request you to kindly register our name in your regular contractors list and send your enquiries whenever our services are found necessary. We have vast experince in this field and are fully equipped with modren methods, treatment and latest equipments with Experienced Tehnicians.Constant Research in eardication Techniques has established SAI SUCHITH As the prime leaders in advanced pest control and fumigation methods.SAI SUCHITH'S pesticides are Proven and tested, which are very effective for pest eardaction. these scientifically selected chemicalles, while bring highly potant andeffective againest pest,rodants and terminates,they also do not endanger human life,their prosperity nor do they stain fixtures & furnitures.With it's anti-pest drive, SAI SUCHIT brings to you, all the benifits of large scale, environment friendly, economically servicing,(Professional Services at Economical) since it covers the largest number of households, hotels, offices,factories,institutions, hospitals,software facilities godown etc.
  • Objectives
    It aims to reduce, as far as practicable, the negative impact of pests on University teaching and research activities while preserving, as far as practicable, the diversity and natural balance of animal life throughout the University. It recognises the necessity for a robust and flexible system, that can be suitably adapted to support the many and varied research activities undertaken in controlled environments across the University. It aims to achieve this outcome while restricting the use of pesticides to the minimum.

Our Strategy

  • 1.
    Physical control
    The methods such as fly screens; physical means of proofing for birds, possums & rodents or physical means of pest detection, such as trapping, can sometimes be a more effective and appropriate means of pest control in gaining long term control over a particular pest infestation.
  • 2.
    Cultural control
    The methods of pest control such as improving ventilation to deter attack by termites or improving hygiene and sanitation measures to reduce the risk of cockroach infestation should always be undertaken, where possible, to make conditions less favourable for nuisance pests.
  • 3.
    Biological control
    The methods such as the introduction of parasites or predators to eradicate a particular pest have a growing importance in Integrated Pest Management.
  • 4.
    Chemical control
    The pests while often necessary, should be undertaken judiciously using the appropriate pesticide and means of application to minimise any risk to human, animal or plant life.

Our Advantages

Our stringent quality control norms and well-trained staff are a testimonial of our commitment to deliver only superior products and services.

Our company aims to be among the best and therefore we are constantly improved ourselves and the quality of our products with our hard works.

We do not compromise with any thing when the matter of 'quality' arises. Our team of quality management is well aware of their responsibility.

We focus on total quality management and do business in products that are thoroughly inspected and then approved.